The Committee

Meet the fantastic committee who will be delivering Spring Fling 2021 – from our home to yours!

I’m Christine Cant. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember. I came up to Aberdeen for University but never left – too many good dancing friends to leave behind!

My name is Louise Msika. I was brought up in Aberdeenshire, before going away to University in St Andrews where I learnt Scottish Country Dancing. I moved back to Aberdeenshire several years ago, where I enjoy dancing and teaching dancing.

I’m Gary Coull. I began dancing at the age of 10 in Dufftown, Scotland with Jessie Stuart, and gained my full teaching certificate in 2013. I’ve taught at various weekend and day schools in Scotland, Europe and North America, and was due to teach at Spring Fling in Toronto in 2020 . I dance with the RSCDS Aberdeen Demonstration Team, am a member of the RSCDS Management Board and think the most important thing about Scottish country dancing is having fun!

I’m Elly Macdonald. I grew up in Aberdeenshire, but only started dancing when I moved to Glasgow for university. I moved back to Aberdeen (mostly by accident!) after I graduated, and have been very glad of the busy SCD scene up here!

I’m Georgina Rolfe. Before moving to Aberdeen to attend university, I grew up just outside of St Andrews. I have always loved dancing in its many forms and found that I missed it when at university. Completely by accident, I found the Scottish dancing society (I actually thought I was going to a Highland class) and have never looked back. My best friends and my partner were all found through dancing and the shared adventures of attending balls, festivals and competitions around the country. 

My name is Lynne Cursiter. I am currently Chair of Aberdeen RSCDS. I was born in Edinburgh and moved to Aberdeen in 2012. I started going to the Aberdeen Branch Ceilidh class in late 2012 and started Scottish  Country Dancing in 2013. I loved Scottish Country Dancing instantly and can’t think of a better hobby to have.

My name is Lynn Wood and I am the secretary of the RSCDS Aberdeen Branch.  I’ve been dancing for about 20 years but haven’t yet mastered the pointy toes and swan like poise that would put me in the Demonstration class.  But hey, I love the joy of dancing and it gives me a huge burst of endorphins!

Hi everyone, I’m Clare Grycuk, a member of the Aberdeen Branch.  Let me introduce my lockdown dancing partner, Elroc.  He’s still a beginner at the pas-de-basque but his galloping slip step is impressive. Looking forward to seeing you all dancing at our virtual Spring Fling on 24 April.

I’m Gail Fraser, I started dancing at Doris Young’s beginners’ class while my daughters were at the children’s Airyhall Class. I have danced with RSCDS Aberdeen, classes and teams and with the Airyhall Dancers taking part in Aberdeen, Perth and Newcastle Festivals. I would love to go to Summer School, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can. I’ve met so many lovely people through dancing and I look forward to meeting you on a dance floor soon.

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